Your Safety is important to us; we offer you different insurance Products.


  • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) [$21.95] – This option covers theft and damage with no deductible. This is the best “worry free” option for coverage of all eventualities during your car rental. Physical damage coverage consists of collision and comprehensive coverage. Generally, collision insurance covers damage to your automobile caused by collision with another vehicle or object. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your automobile from vandalism, theft or glass breakage. Coverage is limited to the terms and conditions contained in the policy. LDW is not available on Vans [$1,000 Deductible] or Premium SUV’s [$1,500.00 Deductible]. 
  • Basic Insurance [$15.99] – This is LDW with a $500, $1,000, or $1,500 deductible – depending on the vehicle. Renter is responsible for deductible payment. Coverage is limited to the terms and conditions contained in the policy.
  • Additional Liability Insurance (ALI) [$12.99]. This raises the third party liability limit from $200,000 RD to $6,000,000 RD per vehicle. Any additional liability is the responsibility of the driver/renter of the vehicle. No credit card coverage provides Liability Insurance. Remember in case of ANY accident involving one of our vehicles it is required BY DOMINICAN REPUBLIC LAW and by ALL Insurance Companies to provide a written Police Statement of the incident. ALI [ADDITIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE IS MANDATORY WHEN CUSTOMER ELECTS COLLISION COVERAGE THRU THEIR CREDIT CARD COMPANY.
  • Tire & Windshield (T&W) Insurance ($4.99) – This can be added to the  LDW,ALI or Basic Insurance coverage to cover any damage to the tires or windshields during the rental period. There is no deductible for these repairs/replacements if this option is chosen. Coverage is limited to the terms and conditions contained in the policy.


We accept most credit card rental car insurance policies. Many credit card rental policies insure the rented vehicle against Damage and Theft (LDW) of the rented vehicle, but does not protect against Third Party liability (TPL). [ALI] Additional liability insurance is obligatory/mandatory with Prestige when customer elects to use credit card coverage.   Please inquire with your credit card provider about the details of the rental car insurance protection plan.  If you decide to use your credit card as the provider of LDW coverage we require a deposit based on vehicle.

Using an insurance program provided by some types of gold or platinum credit cards is a good advantage since these credit cards often cover small scratches, dents as well as the entire rented vehicle in case of collision or theft.

Visit the links below for more info on VISA, MasterCard, and American Express Rental Auto Protection Plans. However, we suggest calling the phone number on the back of your card and inquiring about coverage details.

Insurance Coverage and Deductible Regulations

Insurance coverage is void if:

(a) the driver is not authorized by our company to operate the vehicle.

(b) the driver is under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances.

(c) the vehicle is operated in a manner that is against the laws of Dominican Republic.

(d.) the driver cannot provide an accident report from the local authorities.

Deductibles are doubled under the Basic Insurance for drivers between 21 to 25 years of age

Insurance does NOT cover damage to tires, sound system, windows, roof rack, underside- or interior of vehicle except in cases of collisions or theft of vehicle (as outlined above).

This information is only a summary of coverages. Upon request, our staff will gladly send you a copy of coverage details.



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